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Physical Characteristics of Film: 10-7-10 Film is a chemical medium. Videotape is electronic. FILM BASE - This is the support that the emulsion is laid on. Base Originally was nitrate - had some good qualities One bad quality - tended to catch fire Now we have Safety Film - made from cellulose/acetate or polyester. Doesn’t burn easily. ANTIHALATION BACKING Keeps light from being reflected back from the base and causing a halo around the bright objects in the image. EMULSION The light sensitive material placed on top of the base. Made up of Silver Halide Crystals suspended in Gelatin. Larger the crystals, more sensitivity to light - grainier the image is. Light forms a “latent image” in the emulsion which can’t be seen until the film is developed. Film is developed with chemicals, changing light-exposed crystals to metallic silver, making them opaque. In negative film stock, the unexposed crystals are washed away. In reversal film stock, the exposed crystals are removed. With Negative Film, the negative was used in the past to make a positive print, which was then edited. Nowadays, the negative is used to make a digital copy, which is then edited opn computers. The negative original is stored away in a lab. When the editing process is done, the negative can be cut to conform to the digital editorial choices and release prints can be made from the negative (or an internegative). But more and more frequently these days both digital and film release prints are made directly from the digital version stored on computer hard drives.
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With Reversal film, the original image can be projected and edited, or used to make another positive print from. Like a slide in still
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Film%20Properties%20Notes%20upd-1 - Physical...

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