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10/20/10 How The Media Portrays Woman In Music Videos Leads To Young Girls Becoming More Sexualized Abstract I examine the portrayal young girls becoming sexualized as a result of seeing how woman are portrayed in music videos. Sexuality is depicted as being necessary as a way to represent your self in a desirable way. Often young girls feel uncomfortable in their own skin if they do not look like what they see on television. After seeing their role models shown in a sexual manner specifically in music videos, they feel the need to display themselves this was as well. “These highly accessible materials containing explicit information about sexuality help young people to construct their own perceptions about sexual relationships as well as gender roles” (Zhang, Yuanyuan, Miller, Laura E. and Harrison, Kristen 368). What is seen in music videos is a false representation of what a real woman looks like, therefore young girls compare themselves to the impossible. Introduction The media surrounds us everyday with images of who we should be and how we should act. There is a small box in which woman should fit into in order to be considered appealing. Young girls are very easy targets for the media and can be influenced by others (Christine Knauss, Susan J. Paxton and Françoise D. Alsaker 633). My focus for my research project is interpreting how the media, particularly music videos, portray woman. I will be specifically focusing on music videos and how woman are depicted in them. By looking at both past and present music videos, I can show the increase in sexuality and body image over the years. Young girls are often swayed by what they see on the media, so these explicit music videos can cause some discrepancy.
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Literature Review There have been studies done for decades based on how the media affects young girls. The media portrays how one should look and act in a sexual manner. According to Knauss, Paxton, and Alsaker, body image is the main focus of how young girls see themselves and compare their bodies to what they see in the media. Extreme measures are sometimes taken leading to depression and eating disorders (Knauss, et al. 640). When a young girl sees all the models on TV with perfect bodies, they want to do anything to achieve the same, even if it is hurting their own body. I chose to analyze these articles based on sexuality of women and compare them with one another. My articles I used are linked together by relating the issues of body dissatisfaction with how the women are sexualized. One of the articles is based on the relationship between music videos and young girls sexual attitudes. This article directly correlates with the music videos I will watch. These articles and videos I wish to include in my paper will help me with my research by showing facts and percentages of the effects on music videos. I can relate this work to my paper since the media is a large factor in making girls
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research paper case study - 10/20/10 How The Media Portrays...

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