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leadership - Jewish Leadership 192k Judaic In the earlier...

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Jewish Leadership 192k Judaic In the earlier chapters of the book, Lewis quotes several sources that show the essential role of the community in authorizing leadership. In chapter 4, Lewis introduces to the ketaric model of leadership. Please describe the ketaric model, and discuss whether the community as a whole belongs in this model. If so, where does it belong? If not, how do you see the community relating to this model. Lewis uses many sources to prove how the community had a role in authorizing leadership. It was noted that “Seperating leadership functions and requiring power to be shared is a far more effective and beneficial way to lead than having a single, all- controlling individual sit alone at the head of an enterprise” (p57). The dispersing of power amongst the people can be dated back to God where he willingly gives up some power in order to disperse leadership to humans. “God stepped back in order to allow the rabbis sufficient room to lead” (p58). Gods example sets the tone for what is to come and
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