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3 psychotherapy paper - Paper #1: Psychotherapy...

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Paper #1: Psychotherapy Naturalistic and Alternative Assumptions in Spider Phobia Treatment Critical Issues
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Mystkowski et al. (2003) studied the effects of caffeine on the return of fear in spider phobia. In doing so, they made several naturalistic assumptions. The first assumption is determinism, the notion that past factors external to a person are solely responsible for his or her present behavior. The authors assumed a natural determinism in their claim that there are “determinants of return of fear in humans” (p. 243). Furthermore, there are “underlying mechanisms of return of fear” and they can be isolated (emphasis added, p. 243, Mystkowski et al., 2003). They attempted to show caffeine as one of these isolated mechanisms or factors. Although their mention of “changes in context” (p. 243) as variable of return of fear may seem to hint at holistic assumptions, a person is still caused by his or her context in an environmentally deterministic fashion. External contexts (e.g., location) and internal contexts (e.g., caffeine- induced drug states) ”
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3 psychotherapy paper - Paper #1: Psychotherapy...

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