399R F11 Made to Stick

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Psych 399R Fall 2011 Midterm 100 points (30 points for each response, plus 10 points for overall writing style) Due: October 12 th before midnight [email protected] Your midterm should be written in essay format. Each response should be about 300-500 words long. Please submit your completed midterm to Chris (e-mail listed above) attached as a Word document with the subject line “Last name Psych 399R Midterm”. Be sure to answer all parts of each question. You will be graded on the degree to which you insightfully discuss your internship experience in detail, as well as the texts from the course. Use this opportunity to reflect on your experience as an intern and draw connections to the course texts. Writing should be clear, concise and free from spelling and grammar errors. Good luck! 1. Create an up-to-date résumé using the skills you learned from reading The Blue Book . Your Academic Internship should appear as an entry there. If you choose to deviate from the guidelines suggested in
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