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F11 Syllabus Malvina

F11 Syllabus Malvina - Academic Internship Psychology 399R...

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Academic Internship Psychology 399R Bruce Brown Fall Semester 2011 Wednesday 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. 1043 SWKT Graduate Instructor: Malvina Salash E-mail: [email protected] Office: 1007 SWKT Phone: 422-8952 Overview and Objectives The concept of an Undergraduate Academic Internship as a generally available experience is relatively new in higher education. It is an intriguing concept, blending (a) the undergraduate major’s experience in a real-world, supervised employment or volunteer work setting with (b) the student’s best effort to reflect on that experience in the context of her or his academic discipline. In other words, a successful Internship experience should promote learning—learning to do well in the workplace, but also learning how the scholarly discipline (in this case psychology) is connected to that work. This course has three primary objectives: (1) Placement in a work setting with an existing agreement between you, the supervisor, the psychology department, and the university. (2) Your written reflections on the connections between your work experience and the content of psychology— theory, research, models, principles, applications, etc., found in the published literature. (3) Your engagement in the other activities of the course, including assigned reading and writing, conversations and presentations at seminar meetings, participation in an end-of-semester open house, and exams. The course meetings take place on Wednesday evenings. You should arrange your schedule in order to attend them. If you are unable to attend class meetings, you are still responsible for submitting all class assignments via e-mail. Be sure to study this syllabus carefully. Failing to do so may jeopardize your success in the course. Should you have any questions about the syllabus, please direct them to Chris Silva, the Graduate Internship Liaison. Textbooks The course is designed to allow you to tailor your experience in this class to best fit your current goals and future plans. You have selected a textbook that you will use in addition to the Bluebook (online). Sweitzer, H. F., and King, M. A. (2009). The Successful Internship: Personal, professional and civic development. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole. The link for the Bluebook is posted under Course Materials on Blackboard. It explains the details of professional etiquette and succeeding at your internship: http://sot.et.byu.edu/sites/all/files/The%20Blue%20Book.pdf We will discuss the texts at class meetings during the semester. You will also use these to write your midterm and final exam. Course Requirements and Grading Academic credit will be awarded for successful performance in the course and will be determined by the number of hours you spend in the workplace during the semester as well as completion of the following requirements:
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Initialed Work Log (with all hours completed) 20 Personal Connections Short Essays (4 @ 20 points) 80 In-class Internship Evaluations (4 @ 15 points) 60 Applications Book Review 100 In-Class PowerPoint Presentation 50 Poster Presentation at Open House 50
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F11 Syllabus Malvina - Academic Internship Psychology 399R...

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