Mini paper 1 320 prompt

Mini paper 1 320 prompt - MiniPaper#1:thefirst9months

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Mini-Paper #1: the first 9 months Objective: To use material from the text and class to interpret your virtual child’s  development and behavior Mini-Paper #1: 9 months Applying what you have learned answer the question below. Provide and underline the topic sentence (thesis) . The topic sentence should indicate what direction you will be taking with the question. Support your topic sentence with evidence. Do not assume your claims are axiomatic. The mini paper is worth 66 points and will be collected at the beginning of class. Complete the virtual child exercise from 0-9 months. 1(15 points ). A. How does your baby’s eating, growth pattern, motor development, sleeping  and states compare to the typical developmental patterns described in your  readings or lecture? (5 points) B. Why are they different or similar?  (5 points) Be specific about what  environment and genetic factors lead to these similarities or differences? C. How might modifying one or more of the parameters have affected their  physical development? Be specific about the parameter using studies from the  book and class. Using such evidence, indicate why you think it would change the 
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Mini paper 1 320 prompt - MiniPaper#1:thefirst9months

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