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Presentations Schedule Date Course Topic Reading/Quiz/Assignments Due 06/21/11 Overview of the course none 06/23/11 Abnormal Behavior in Context Integrative Approach to Psychopathology Chapter 1 Chapter 2 06/28/11 Neuropsych none 06/30/11 OCD GAD Eliza and Camille Heather and Chelsea 07/05/11 MPD Morgan and Amanda 07/07/11 Documentary No reading! (relax) 07/12/11 BIPOLAR MAJ DEPRESSION Jessica and Reve 07/14/11 ANOREXIA NERVOSA INSOMNIA Carrie and Heidi 07/19/11 STRESS and Health
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Unformatted text preview: Jessica and Stephanie 07/21/11 Mid-term Testing Center till the 25th 07/26/11 Male Sex disorders Female Sex Disorders Steve and Hailey 07/28/11 Depressants Stimulants Mary Claire and Jordan 08/02/11 HISTRIONIC BORDERLINE Dependent Robert and Scott Elizabeth and Sarah Ali and Mary 08/04/11 SCHIZOPHRENIA Zeke and Rob Final In the testing center till last day of finals VOLUNTEER COMPLETION REPORT due in class...
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