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Psychology 342: Abnormal Psychology Spring 2009 171 TLRB Instructor: Brian Hansen Time: 4:00-6:30pm Tuesday/Thursday Email: [email protected] Office: Cardboard box labeled “Office” Required Text: Barlow, D. H. & Durand, M. V. (2009). Abnormal psychology. (5 th ed.). New York: Wadsworth Publishers. Course Objectives: - The purpose of this course is to blow your mind. In addition to this lofty goal, we will provide students with a basic knowledge of the various clinical disorders that one may encounter in a clinical setting and/or in everyday life. - Etiology, diagnosis, and treatment will be discussed to help students gain a greater understanding of the disorders that are covered. Students will become familiar with the basic symptoms and the general “feel” of each disorder. - Students will also gain greater empathy for those with mental illnesses through their volunteering experiences, at location such as the Utah State Hospital. This experience will offer students real life experiences and help them expand their knowledge of possibilities for future work in psychology. - Last, practical knowledge will be gained through the classroom, outside coursework and volunteering; that will help the students better understand behaviors they may encounter in family and friends. Prerequisite: As stated in the catalog, Psychology 111 (General Psychology) is a prerequisite for this course. Without a solid background in research methodology, theoretical orientations, and other areas, most students would find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of material covered in this class. Course Requirements: Quizzes: A brief quiz will be given at the beginning of each class about the reading. A total of thirteen quizzes will be given throughout the course. Your two lowest quizzes will be dropped without penalty. If you are late to class, that quiz will be dropped. If you are going to miss class for sickness, please let me know through email before class and bring a doctor’s note in order to make up the quiz. If you are late to class, you forfeit you opportunity to take the quiz and it will become one of the quizzes you drop. Exams: A midterm exam and one final exam will be given during the course. Each exam is worth approximately 50 points. This is subject to change. Class Presentations: Each class two students (in a group) will give a 12 minute (time is strictly kept, going excessively over will reflect poorly on your grade) presentation on the disorder(s) we well be discussing for that class period. For this presentation, students should be creative in how they present the rest of their information on the topic including: power points, short video clips, class activities (etc.). The main purpose will be to
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give brief background information on the disorder, and show how the disorder is characterized in the media. Creativity is expected and your grade will suffer if we have to suffer through your presentation. Field Work:
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Psych3422011Summersyllabus - Psychology 342 Abnormal...

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