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Dr. Higley Psychology 320 I. Reflexes a. At birth a.i. Stepping (2 months) a.ii. Sucking (3 months) a.iii. Rooting (3-4 months) a.iv. Palmar grasp (4 months) a.v. Moro startle reflex (parachute reflex) (3-4 months) Swimming (6 months) a.vii. Tonic neck (7 months) a.viii. Babinski (1 year) a.ix. Eye blink (life) b. Other intrinsic infant traits b.i. Social smile (30-60 days) b.ii. Orient to the complexity of the human face
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Unformatted text preview: b.iii. Attuned to frequency of human female voice II. iClickers a. What do the green reflexes have in commons that are different from the white reflexes? a.i. They have survival value a.ii. They all serve to elicit feeding a.iii. They are present in al animals a.iv. They are the primate origins of sociality...
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