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9/1/11 Psychology 320 Dr. Higley 1. a. Why do children perceive things differently from adults? a.i. Size a.ii. Small sphere of influence (lack of control) a.iii. Untrimmed neural processing b. Example of Joseph Smith > what did he learn from his leg surgery? c. Why do siblings perceive things differently? c.i. 50% genes from each parent c.ii. Which 50%? (rhetorical question) d. Periods of development d.i. Prenatal d.ii. d.iii. Early childhood d.iv. Middle childhood e. iClicker: The period in which change occurs most rapidly is ________.
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Unformatted text preview: e.i. At of the beginning of adolescence e.ii. Early childhood e.iii. Prenatal period e.iv. Early infancy f. Basic issues in development f.i. Waddington’s model f.i.1. Height is more controlled by genetic influences f.i.2. Math is more genetic early and less later f.i.3. Gregariousness interacts with both genes and environment quite evenly f.ii. Nature vs. nurture f.ii.1. Genetic variation contributes to 50% of individual variation in religiosity f.ii.2. Gene-environment interactions drive development...
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