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Dr. Higley Psychology 320 I. Brain development a. Effects of brain damage on language a.i. At age 20-36 months a.i.1. Damage to left and right are equal a.i.2. Self-righting a.ii. At age 4-10 a.ii.1. Damage to right – little effect a.ii.2. Damage to left – worse a.iii. After puberty a.iii.1. Damage to right – no effect a.iii.2. Damage to left – effect is profound b. Sensitive periods in brain development b.i. Early, extreme sensory deprivation b.i.1. Vertical line cat deprivation study b.i.2. Patch therapy b.ii. Babies born with cataracts in both eyes who have corrective surgery within 4 to 6 months show rapid improvement in vision b.iii. The longer the surgery is postponed, the less complete the recovery of visual skills b.iv. Similar with cochlear implants b.v. II. Cognitive development a. Jean Piaget a.i. Qualitative vs. quantitative a.ii. Periods of cognitive development a.ii.1. Sensorimotor (birth to 2 years) a.ii.1.a.Building schemes through sensory and motor exploration a.ii.1.b. Circular reactions – baby with do something accidently once and then do it again and again until it is assimilated a.ii.1.c.Move from accidental to purposeful behavior
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Tuesday_Oct11th - Dr Higley Psychology 320 I Brain...

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