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Tuesday_September13th - b.ii.3 Those monkeys that were...

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Psychology 320 Dr. Higley 1. How does environment influence genetic expression? a. Heritability: proportion of a phenotype explained by gene b. Alcoholism – about 50% heritable c. Warrior gene d. Cheater gene 2. Peer-reared and mother reared graphs a. Experiment 1 a.i. Conditions a.i.1. Rearing condition (MR vs. PR) a.i.2. Genotype (L/L vs. L/S) a.i.3. Serotonin levels (5-HTT) a.ii. Findings a.ii.1. PR monkeys had significantly lower serotonin levels with the short allele a.ii.2. MR monkeys had relatively the same serotonin levels between L/S and L/S monkeys b. Experiment 2 b.i. Conditions b.i.1. Probability of depression b.i.2. Number of stressful events b.i.3. Genotype b.ii. Findings b.ii.1. Those monkeys that were homozygous short allele and many stressful events had an incredibly high probability of depression b.ii.2. Those monkeys that were heterozygous were intermediate
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Unformatted text preview: b.ii.3. Those monkeys that were homozygous for the long allele and had many stressful events had a relatively low chance of depression c. Experiment 3 c.i. Conditions c.i.1. Serotonin levels c.i.2. Genotype (L/L vs. L/S) c.ii. Findings c.ii.1. Homozygous (L/L) long allele monkeys had significantly higher levels of serotonin c.ii.2. Heterozygous (L/S) monkeys had significantly lower levels of serotonin d. Conclusion d.i. Genes are not destiny! Environment is not destiny! Our destiny is shaped by the interplay between genes and environments together. We may not be able to choose our genetics, but we can choose our environment. If we have alcoholism genes then we can use our agency to stay away from environments that would cause us to express those genes and become addicted....
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