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EAS208_HW02_090810 - EAS 208(Fall 2010 Homework#2 Due...

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EAS 208 (Fall 2010) Homework #2 Due: Wednesday, September 15 at beginning of class Study: Chapters 12, 13.1–13.6 (Bedford and Fowler, 5 th edition) Solve Problems: 13.81, 13.86, 13.100, 13.124 Solve and Submit Problems 2–1 and 2–2 below Problem 2–1 The accuracy of a machine that throws projectiles at high-speed is tested. The test starts by throwing a target object from a helicopter at . The test machine fires a projectile from point A B at an angle with the horizontal. The accuracy test is a success and the projectile fired from the machine hits the target object at C . Determine: 40 o θ = a) The initial speed, , with which the projectile was fired from the machine at B v B . b) The trajectory of the projectile (fired from B ). c) The instantaneous radius of curvature, ρ , at 1 t s = (projectile fired from B ). Use the following relationship for the curvature: 3 2 2 2 2 1 dy dx d y dx ρ + = d) The normal and tangential components of the acceleration of the ball at
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