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MAE204_F11_HW2_Scan - wddtefivermpu-unitmassmddnmm...

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Unformatted text preview: wddtefivermpu-unitmassmddnmm lioIIpotentialoftheentirerivet-attlmlocatm‘ FIGURE P2-I7 2—24C Consider an electric refrigerator located in a room. lb'eterminemedimionormewokadbmmmcumscm limowmmerouawingmnhenasmesym: (a)the Wwdmemisenwr. (b) allpartsoftherefrigeratnr ‘ ‘08 the 000mm- and (C) everything contained mm =“ roomduringawinterday. FIGURE P2—24C FIGURE P2-95 2-100 MsurfmofaZ—em-thickplateaemainta‘neda 0°C“ [www.flitisdaumimdmhah "WmmeplaneatameofSWW/m’,m itsthennaloanduetivity. ' metal law is insulated on the back and Atomslrlflar mdfation on the front aurt‘aee. The ssurfaoe of the plate has an absorptmty of 0.8 for .tiation. If solar radiation is inerdent on the plate at I” ‘ f 450 Wlm2 and the sun-rounding arr temperature ts met-mine the surface temperature of the plate when at loss by convection equals the solar energy . by the plate. Assume the convection heat trans er It! ent to be 50 WIm’-°C. and disregard heat loss by FIGURE P2-l m ...
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