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MAE204_F11_Q3_Solution - MAE 204 Quiz#3 NAME\4 e 2...

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Unformatted text preview: MAE 204 Quiz #3 NAME: \4 e 2 Instructions: 1. You have 15 minutes to complete this quiz. 2. No notes allowed. 3. Circle your answer. 4. Show all work. 5. Assume that gravity is 10 m/s2. Problem 1: A 60 kW (shaft output) motor with an efficiency of 85% is replaced with a new higher efficiency motor. Assume that the magnitude of the losses of the new motor are exactly half of the old motor. What is the new motor’s efficiency and the required power input of the new motor? A was Mow Eu“ V tut—if}. m I n 0 L0:/\ Lady-b -_ wéub in (AB mo \~ ”low: 123$ 2') LSN‘ E “ Eff—E 70030 (0an ”his OJ? : I Q“ HO Q 0 Ewi> ;l\_ ¢%=Qo'§3&—£o)hw;\0.§8%\q|«u New mcirw‘i was—”30km E‘O‘J2guo,n'uhu) a 9,26% mo E0 9 ' In: EL.» 2') Ly \4617 Problem 2: (a) What is the difference between a compressed liquid and a saturated liquid. #3“ Qéé|‘¥}“fi OX— ener‘b‘y *0 ‘t SOAUNAEA \I\90.3 LU)” r‘QSNAi'J‘ m 0\ PhssL Ck‘knfia, ‘A‘n fiéé‘A‘F-n ‘5‘“ quf‘fi #“ °I CQM T1850 [\U-a I“ 'i\ PcSoW i3 °1 $h¢1c 7ci’1mse, [3 e I? M Di (b) What is the saturation pressure? ...
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