Projec2Oct19Fall2011 - Project #2 Design and Implementation...

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1 Project #2 – Design and Implementation of Device Drivers CSE321: Embedded and Realtime Operating Systems Fall 2011 1. Objectives and overview of the project: In Project #1 we prepared a simple hardware system and embedded in it a minimal operating system and added shell commands. In this project we will ass device driver. Objectives of the project are to: (i) study the software representing various components of the Embedded XINU operating system (ii) learn and understand the requirements for writing a device driver, and (iii) add a simple device driver to enhance the capabilities of the Embedded XINU. 2. Project Environment: 2.1 Operating system XINU : XINU ("Xinu Is Not Unix") is a small, academic operating system developed at Purdue University by Dr. Douglas E. Comer in the early 1980s for the LSI-11 platform; it has now been ported to a variety of platforms. Embedded XINU is an update of this project which attempts to modernize the code base (to ANSI-compliant C) and port the system to a modern architecture (specifically the MIPS architecture). 2.2 Hardware WRT54GL: We will use wireless router WRT54GL as a host for embedded the software we will develop for enhancing the features of an embedded operating system. The WRT54G is notable for being the first consumer-level network device that had its firmware source code released to satisfy the obligations of the GNU GPL. This allows programmers to modify the firmware to change or add functionality to the device. WRT54GL features a Broadcom MIPS processor BCM5352 (200-250Mhz), a four port switch, 802.11b and 802.11g wireless LAN support, a Web interface for configuration of the router, 16Mbytes of RAM and 4Mbytes of flash memory. Any modification to the router function itself has to be done by updating the firmware on the flash memory. However we will use the RAM to load the embedded XINU. 2.3 Test Environment:
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Projec2Oct19Fall2011 - Project #2 Design and Implementation...

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