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Case Analysis: Read the case through once to get the general feel of the information Read the case a second time noting points of interest, questions, problems… Identify the main problem or issue and any other issues to be resolved. Be sure to differentiate between problems and symptoms Analyse the information presented, using theories and concepts from your previous business training as well as previous experience Generate possible solutions to the problems identified and identify pros and cons with each Decide on the course of action you will recommend Case Write-up (use titles to assist reader) Introduction Consists of a few sentences introducing the case at hand and stating the purpose of the report and if necessary, your role. Problem(s) / Issues(s) One paragraph which describes the root problem(s) or issues(s) within the company being analysed. There are likely to be other problems which are a result of the main problem – I call those
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Unformatted text preview: symptoms. If the main problem didn't exist, then neither would these other problems. (i.e. the problem isn’t the coughing; the problem is the person has a cold.) Analysis • Explain the issues you have discovered and how they can be resolved by addressing the root issues/problems. Recommended solution • A paragraph or two detailing your recommended solution. Conclusion / Implementation • A closing paragraph wrapping up your report. Case write-ups must be concise. You want the reader to be convinced that you have analysed the situation fully, missing no important factors. You want the reader to implement your recommendation. The reader must be persuaded that if the solution is implemented, the problem(s) will be solved and won't cause other problems. You can't overwhelm the reader so choose your points carefully. You don't need to include every minute detail of your analysis – only the key points....
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