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Stock-Trak written report.S11

Stock-Trak written report.S11 - Include the following...

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Stock-Trak Written Report AP/ADMS 3531 Summer 2011 A written report is due on the last class day, Tuesday, July 19 for Section A and Wednesday, July 20 for Section B. The length should be approximately 5 pages (double-spaced in a reasonable font size such as 12- point) plus additional pages for tables. Include print-outs from your Stock-Trak account showing all transactions. One way to get the transaction list is from the “My Portfolio” tab; choose “Transaction History” from the drop-down menu. Remember that trading ends July 15. You do not need to sell your stocks (or close out your positions) at the end; that would just increase your transaction costs.
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Unformatted text preview: Include the following information in your report: 1. How you selected investments; 2. Analysis of some of your best and worst investments (e.g., any reasons why they went up or down); and 3. Using your Stock-Trak experience along with what you learned from the lectures and the textbook, provide some general advice for people trading with real money. If you registered for Stock-Trak in a team of two or three, each group submits one report. As posted on our class website earlier this semester, you are required to make at least 20 trades, including at least one short sale of a common stock, and at least one stock option trade....
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