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Case study essay TARA - TO Ms Mary Jackson FROM SF DATE...

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TO: Ms. Mary Jackson FROM: SF DATE: 03/27/11 SUBJECT: The Green Acres Lawnmower Company ___________________________________________________________________ Thank you for the opportunity to let me work with The Green Acres Lawnmower Company. Attached is my report on the analysis of my findings. Here is a summery of my key points: I. Major Issue The major issue that the Green Acres Lawnmower Company faces is that its reputation, stock, and other assets are in jeopardy of suffering a major blow. Another major and more important issue is how to move forward after the tampered products have killed people. II. Recommendation My recommendation is to take all products off the shelves. Then have your engineering department reevaluate what went wrong and how to fix the problem so no more of Green Acre products are faulty and thus can resume being one of the worlds top lawn and care specialists. III. Analysis/Limiting Factors Although the product may have been built correctly, the fact remains that someone was able to tamper with it. Taking all the products off the market for a small amount of time is going to receive a lot of negative feedback from stockholders, also a lot of extra money is going to have to be put into fixing the problems with the products, but in the long run this choice should pay off.
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I. Background The Green Acres Lawnmower Company after one hundred years of service has unfortunately come across a major ethical problem. The rotary lawnmower, that the company produces, has been tampered with some where along the production line. Due to the tampering the lawnmower has caused death to seven individuals, all located in the southeast region of the United States. The seven individuals that died purchased the product from the same manufacturing line in Detroit. Products in the southeastern United States were impounded. These cases were widely spread over the media and the next action taken by The Green Acres Lawnmower Company is crucial to the future of the company. In business and life harm is inevitable. In this case we have harmed and been harmed. This case is important to resolve the harm without placing blame but rather to find a common entity that will help both parties and the economy. (Note 23) II. Major Problems There are several problems that the Green Acres Lawnmower Company has. The first being, there is a person in the Detroit manufacturing factory who is tampering with the products. Had this person not been around the seven deaths may have been avoided. This person must be found and brought to justice for murdering people. The second problem that needs to be addressed is how the company is going to choose what to do. If you pull the products off the shelf, your company will lose a lot of money and its stockholders. However lives have been lost do to the companies’ products. Do you recall your products
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Case study essay TARA - TO Ms Mary Jackson FROM SF DATE...

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