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Page 1 Victoria Howe September 21, 2011 English 3810 Heartless to the Dark Skinned In the novel Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, the narrator describes his journey into the heart of the Congo. Along the way, he encounters both natives and colonizers. By Conrad telling the story through the eyes of Marlow and his search for Kurtz, the reader is able to experience the circumstances as one who was there, rather than from a third party criticizing. When Marlow is introduced, he tells the story of why he got the job. Unfortunately, one of the captains of the company had been killed in a small scuffle with the natives of Congo, and the reason for this fight arose from a grievance over two black hens. The captain beat the leader of the tribe, and upon hearing his father yell in pain, the son of the leader speared the captain. Instead of lingering, the tribe then flees (Conrad 9). The disrespect that the captain shows toward the natives is a foreshadowing of how the natives are treated in the rest of the book. They are a fearful people and only attack out of self-defense when they are given no choice. Furthermore, the absurdity of the situation is apparent. A captain would never beat someone of high authority in his own homeland, but because he is in the Congo he can beat the leader of one of the indigenous tribes. Then, realizing that their actions could have detrimental repercussions from the colonists, the natives fled the scene. Just enough information is given about this episode to be able to begin forming an opinion about how the natives are treated by the colonizers. With this
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Heart of Darkness Paper - Page 1 Victoria Howe September...

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