Victoria Howe Midterm Kim and Lord Jim

Victoria Howe Midterm Kim and Lord Jim - Victoria Howe...

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Victoria Howe October 12, 2011 #4. In the novel Kim by Rudyard Kipling, the view of women is merely a side-line to the greater plot of the book. Although Kipling’s main concern is focusing on Kim’s journey with the lama and his participation in “the Great Game,” Kipling tends to regard women in a disrespectful way when he mentions them, as if women are very unimportant. When Kim was young, his caretaker decided to raise him herself rather than take him to an orphanage, and she is the first woman we learn intimately about in the novel. Unfortunately, she is not a decent person to raise Kim as she is drunk most of the time and is not able to teach him a good moral base upon which he can grow. Instead, Kim has taken to the streets to gain his knowledge and the ways of India. Already, this woman has been pushed to the side as someone who is inferior. Kim may only be a child, but already he is learning the ins and outs of life without any assistance from the one woman he had in his life. Already with this first display of character, we are shown a woman who is a pathetic excuse for a caretaker and an inappropriate example to a child. Another woman we encounter in the novel is a lowly prostitute. She is not nearly as incompetent as Kim’s caretaker, but she is still lowly in the sense that her job is uncouth. When Kim enters the brothel, immediately someone yells at Kim saying, “Dost thou know what manner of women we be in this quarter? Oh, shame!” (Kipling 108). The
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Victoria Howe Midterm Kim and Lord Jim - Victoria Howe...

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