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“Many employers are embracing telecommuting and expect it to continue to be a significant part of the work force in years to come.” ( Silliker, 2011, pg. 1) Telecommuting can be a very flexible, yet effective way to work, but some employers are still hesitant to use it. The four biggest issues management has, is loss of productivity and loss of control of their employees, problems with teams, and security of company materials, as seen in the graph. The purpose of this report is to develop a telecommuting training program that solves many
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Unformatted text preview: common issues and promote telecommuting. We will discuss three issues: why managers consider training telecommuters, what challenges could arise with training telecommuters, and what the training program should involve. This report is based on secondary research from business databases. The decision to develop an effective telecommuter training program is significant because of telecommuting’s expected growth. Also, failure to create an effective training program could affect the overall image performance of telecommuters....
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