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BIOL1402 Lab- Natural Selection Week 5

BIOL1402 Lab- Natural Selection Week 5 - playing a role in...

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Natural Selection The theory of natural selection was found by Charles Darwin It is said that natural selection is the process where many organisms on our Earth are better adapted to the environment that they live in to survive longer and produce more offspring. Now, it brings about evolution. Evolution today can be put to blame for many of the world’s health issues that our people are facing. Although evolution does play a major role, it is not all the fault that many things have not changed or gotten better within the United States as a whole. Obesity, for example, has been a large problem factor within humans in the United States. Other than obesity, cancer, diabetes and other diseases can also be put to blame for evolution’s changes overtime, so we think. Stated by Melinda Beck in her article, “the current epidemic of obesity also has prehistoric roots.” Long ago people were much taller, much healthier and overall living better than we are as a people now all over the world. Evolution is said to even be
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Unformatted text preview: playing a role in diets and diseases said by scientists, those of which can include HIV and AIDS. Along with these, body parts have also taken toll in evolution. For example, the women pelvic area, the appendix, and even the human mouth have all changed dramatically. Especially within the mouths of humans today compared to years ago, “teeth shrank…[and] the human jaw shrank even faster.” In conclusion, thankfully people are still surviving well and long enough with these new adaptations and changes through our evolutionary time. Questions have come about asking why the problem with evolution has not been altered or changed, but simply, we can’t change life nor change what God has put on this Earth. “The key driver of evolutionary change isn’t who survives long enough to have children, but who has the most children…” On our future generations, this may be a much larger factor than it is today and even in comparison to how it was with evolution and science in the past....
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