ThaPre - your mood feeling or understanding of the film The...

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Josey Nwankwo Professor Donahue THA 1 October 2010 Assignment 5: The Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time 1. Describe the mise – en –scene through the movie and how it takes you to Persia. Make sure to include setting, lighting, and costumes in your discussion. When Prince Dustan leaves and tries to get the sword back from his uncle they both must enter a deep, dark, cave meant to show fear, anxiety, and suspense. Then they saw the giant hour glass glowing with a bright light. This is an example lighting used in the movie. This shows great importance at the moment where the situation gets crucial and not knowing the outcome. This is displayed throughout the movie as the lighting changes from scene to scene. The costumes and make up in the scene are use to influence the cultural environment to show a better insight of how it blends with the setting and time of the film. . 2. Choose two scenes with different point of views and describe how they change
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Unformatted text preview: your mood, feeling or understanding of the film. The invasion of the temple of the princess and the different viewpoints about the sword. My understanding changed because at the beginning t thought the Persians were at war for them for years and after learning that they sell weapons to other enemies just made it worse. When I found out the powers of the sword Dustan saw it as a way reversing the death of his father and getting the Persian Empire to believe he is innocent of murder. Then the princess, the knife foretold her destiny she was to protect the knife and return it. 3. Do you feel that this movie is designed to be an open or closed frame movie? I think the movie was designed to be a closed frame film. Because the fate of the royal backgrounds placed on both Dustan and the Princess. 4. Bonus: What does king Sharaman say to Tus before he left the palace? He said that the bonds between brothers are the sword that defends our empire....
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ThaPre - your mood feeling or understanding of the film The...

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