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Unformatted text preview: Trends & Issues in Human Development & Family Studies Dr. Trejos HDFS 3301 The Shape of Development • Continuous Process- changes occur in small gradual steps; the outcomes of development are more of the same and not qualitatively different from what was present earlier • Discontinuous Process- developmental changes are abrupt and represent qualitative differences from what existed before and that different general laws characterize various developmental changes. • Kagan- continuity and discontinuity as a continuum Development can be either Continuous or Discontinuous Nature vs Nurture Nature • Preformationists- the individual is fully formed in the sperm of the male or in the ovum of the female. • These theorists expected that only very limited quantitative change could take place at conception and believed that the environment had little effect. Nurture • Environmental influences are responsible for all developmental changes that are not biologically based • Tabula Rasa- assumes that a newborn’s mind resembles a blank slate (John Locke) Locke’s Environmentalism (1632- 1704) • Rising middle class pursued new opportunities and...
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RelativeResourceManager2 - Trends& Issues in Human...

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