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1 Ethological Theories: Ethological Theories: Attachment Attachment Theory Theory Bowlby Bowlby / Ainsworth / Ainsworth Dr. Trejos HDFS 3301 Sociobiology: Genes and Development • Focuses on genes as the direct causes of human behavior • Recent extension of some of the principles of ethology, major difference is that socio- biologists view all aspects of development as being controlled and caused by specific genes • They place very little importance on factors that originate outside the organism The Theoretical Viewpoint of Sociobiology • Sociobiology can be defined as the systematic study of the biological basis of social behavior • Sociologists contend that the continuity between an individual’s evolutionary status and that of his or her immediate and more distant genetic ancestors is almost unbroken. • Sociobiologists have a much more deterministic view of human behavior than do ethologists. • Sociobiology emphasizes the maintenance of an individual’s genetic legacy.
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2 The Causes of Behavior • Sociobiologists divide the events that cause or precipitate behaviors into two general categories: First Level Causes of Behavior- closer to the actual behavior Rate of gene flow- the rate at which genes from genetically different individuals are introduced into or shared with a new population Second Level Causes of Behavior- Further removed from actual behaviors (or less directly influential) consist of phylogenic inertia and ecological pressure Phylogenic inertia- stems from the strong natural science orientation of sociobiology; the tendency to remain
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RelativeResourceManager4 - HDFS 3301 Ethological Theories...

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