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1 Social Learning Theory Robert Sears Albert Bandura HDFS 3301 Dr. Trejos Robert Sears’s Developmental Learning Approach • Effort to bridge the gap between the psychoanalytic and behavioral approaches to understanding human development. • Psychoanalytic domain and behavioral theory to produce what might be the first and only eclectic view of development to stand the test of time. Assumptions Social influences are the most important of intervening variables. • Sears had a very strong interest in the nature of dyadic interactions as well as in the developmental nature of these interactions. • Most importantly is that the social interactions between members of the dyad go both ways .
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2 Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory • With the recognition of reciprocity in the person- environment relationship, a cognitive component was introduced into the behavioral arena for the first time. Vicarious Learning - • Albert Bandura and Richard Walters developed a theoretical perspective within which the individual viewed as an: active mediator who operates on the environment in accord with certain expectancies and contingencies, • but with foresight or knowledge as to what the consequences of his or her behaviors are likely to be. Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory • Their theory attributes much of the direction of behavior to the individual s own internal behaviors, which are referred to primarily as mediating processes. • Bandura and Walters abandoned any type of connection between their theory and psychoanalytic approaches. • They also introduced the idea that the social milieu, or social setting, has impacts on the developmental process • Developmental theorists had long placed too much importance on research with animals (very typical of the
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RelativeResourceManager8 - HDFS 3301 Social Learning Theory...

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