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1 Cognitive - Developmental View J. Piaget Dr. HDFS 3301 Dr. Trejos Cognitive Model The cognitive-developmental perspective emphasizes the active role that the individual plays in the developmental process. Development occurs in an ordered sequence of qualitatively distinct stages The role of the developing person in this process is active, not reactive. Cognitive Model Piaget applied the scientific method to philosophical questions Helped to bridge the gap between philosophy and science. Focused on one special branch of philosophy, epistemology , which is the science of knowledge and how it is acquired. Developed a new branch of epistemology called genetic epistemology ; development takes place through progression from one level to the next.
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2 Definition of Development Development is a broad, spontaneous process that results in the continual addition, modification, and reorganization of psychological structures. The individual has an inherent capability of being dynamic, or not remaining static. Equilibration as a Model for Development Development results in part from conflicts between opposing forces. Individuals seek a state of equilibrium between their psychological structures and how well those structures meet their changing needs. Equilibrium is the primary motivating force behind development. The child is an active agent, seeking out those situations or elements in the environment that will keep him or her in a state of equilibrium. Disequilibrium ± The organism begins in a state of disequilibrium. ± Disequilibrium is the most important motivational
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RelativeResourceManager9 - HDFS 3301 Cognitive...

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