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1 Socio-Cultural Theory of Development HDFS 3301 Dr. Trejos Lev Vygotsky’s Socio-Cultural Theory Vygotsky’s view emphasizes: 9 The socio-cultural matrix of which the individual is a part. 9 Social interaction which plays a fundamental role in the development of cognition. 9 Development is influenced by the mix of social forces that surround the individual. The Basis of Vygotsky’s Theory 9 Socio-cultural Theory : emphasizes the influence of social interaction and culture in development. 9 Social interactions leads to changes in children’s thinking 9 Because behavior is rooted in the social context in which it occurs, both thought and behavior vary depending on the cultures in which they take place.
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2 Vygotsky’s Theory 9 The fundamental process of learning takes place through the child’s interaction with a more knowledgeable person. 9 Development always results from internal mental processes (instrumental), which have their origins in external mental processes (intermental). Vygotsky’s Theory Four major ideas: 9 Children construct their own knowledge. 9
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RelativeResourceManager10 - Socio-Cultural Theory of...

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