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1 The Life Course/ Family HDFS 3301 Development Theory Dr. Trejos History • Family Developmental Theory emerged in the late 1940s, corresponding with the development of the field of family science. One of the first family-focused theories with a separate One of the first family focused theories with a separate identity from psychology or sociology. • In 1948, Evelyn Duvall and Ruben Hill pointed out that families were social groups that are influenced by developmental processes, in the same way individuals are. History • Families needed to be studied as a dynamic unit not as a group of individuals. • The family life cycle have two major stages—expansion and contraction. • Duvall and Hill first presented their version of the family life cycle in which they identified tasks that would be accomplished by both the parents and the children. • Other theorists, building on the foundation laid by Duvall and Hill, worked to expand these concepts.
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2 Basic Assumptions • Families undergo stages of development, just like individuals. • There are tasks associated with each stage of development development. • Families must be viewed in multiple levels of analysis.
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RelativeResourceManager12 - HDFS 3301 The Life Course/...

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