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1 Symbolic Interaction Theory HDFS 3301 Dr. Trejos 2 History Important Early Contributions – Symbolic Interactionism is the theory with the greatest impact on family studies. – Earliest roots in pragmatic philosophers of the early 1900s. (William James, John Dewey, Charles Pierce, and Josiah Royce.) 3 Principal Scholars George Herbert Mead – Primary contributions focused on the self, is probably the most recognized of all those who have influenced symbolic interactions. – We learn about ourselves through interactions with others that are based on gestures.
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2 4 Mead – Two stages people follow to develop a sense of self. • Play stage • Process: integration & Generalized other 5 Charles Horton Cooley Looking-Glass Self • individuals think about how they appear to others • make a judgment about what the other person thinks about them • then incorporate those ideas into their own concept of self Interaction Face-to-face interaction 6 William Isaac Thomas – Coined the phrase
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RelativeResourceManager13 - Symbolic Interaction Theory...

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