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Exercise 1.2: Exploring Archaeoastronomy In this exercise we will think about many of the motions of objects in the sky that greatly interested ancient peoples. Many civilizations left markers and records behind documenting their interest in these motions. It is difficult to generalize when discussing these markers since every civilization was most concerned with a different aspect of the sky and many different mechanisms were used to record data concerning the sky. Thus, the following exercise represents a crude generalization of a primitive astronomical observatory where contributions from many different cultures have been combined. The goal of this exercise is to get you to think about these issues. There really aren't any right or wrong answers. Imagine that while hiking in a remote area of the Rocky Mountains you come upon an interesting pattern of large stones. The stones are very heavy and you notice that there are crude paintings on some of the stones. The paintings are very weathered making you reason that the structure is fairly old. You climb a tree to get a better perspective and complete a sketch of the pattern
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exercise1.2a_Archeoastronomy - Exercise 1.2: Exploring...

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