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Exercise1.2 – Exploring Archeoastronomy - Key This exercise is very open to interpretation and you should view the comments that follow as representative of what was in the mind of the author as opposed to what a student could reasonably be expected to theorize. This exercise is best explained in terms of a coordinate of the horizon coordinate system known as azimuth. This coordinate is an angle specifying a position relative to the observer on the horizon. It is 0 ° at the north point of the horizon and increases moving eastward where it is 90 ° at the east point, 180 ° at the south point, 270 ° at the west point, and just less than 360 ° back at the north point. The inner circle of stones is meant to indicate the position of the observer and the painted stones of the outer circle represent significant azimuth values. Thus, this pattern of stones is most similar to the Big Horn Medicine Wheel (but recently it has come into question whether or not the wheel really was an ancient
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