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Astronomy 103 Class Exercise – Constellations Part I : The starchart below shows the region of the sky containing the (unofficial) constellations Cubis and Cylindris. A legend is provided illustrating the magnitude symbols. Complete the requested annotations to the starchart and answer the related questions. 1) Estimate the magnitude of each star in Cubis. Label the value next to each star. 2) Label the 5 brightest stars in Cylindris with the appropriate Greek Letter. 3) Can you identify a star that is in … a) neither Cubis nor Cylindris? – Yes, the star at the top of the diagram is in neither constellation. b) both Cubis and Cylindris? – No, it can’t be done. Stars are in one and only one constellation. 4) Why do you think astronomers of today make use of constellations? Astronomers use constellations because they uniquely specify a region of the sky (celestial sphere). All objects are in one and only one constellation. 5)
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exercise1.2b_Constellations-key - Astronomy 103 Class...

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