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Exercise 1.3: The Ptolemaic Universe Directions: The diagram below represents the universe as envisioned by Ptolemy. Complete the list of the basic observations one could make looking up at the sky. Then pretend you are Ptolemy and detail how he would explain these observations using his model. Basic Observations Ptolemy’s Explanation 1) All objects (stars, planets, moon, and sun) rise in the ______ and set in the _______ (the only exceptions are circumpolar stars which still rotate).
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Unformatted text preview: 2) From the Greek root of the word planet, the 5 planets, the moon and the sun _________________ with respect to the background stars. 3) All planets change the speed of their motion with respect to background stars. Outer planets slow down, stop, and move _______________(which direction?)_ periodically in retrograde loops. 4) ______________________(which planets?) __ are always found close to the sun. 5) ____________________(what ‘motion’?)_ is undetectable. _...
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