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Class Exercise: Using Elongation The sun, the orbits of the first 6 planets, and the largest asteroid Ceres with its orbit are shown on the next page. Although the orbits are not even remotely close to scale, you should assume that the drawing is scaled correctly for this assignment. You are now located on Ceres and all observations are now based on that location. The definition of elongation will change too (it is now the angle between the Ceres-sun line and the Ceres- planet line). The 6 planets whose orbits are drawn are the only ones you can see and are the only objects you should consider when answering the following questions. You will need a protractor to make measurements for some of the questions. Part I: Draw each of the following possible configurations on the diagram. Label the
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Unformatted text preview: configuration with the problem number. If the configuration is not possible, cross out the configuration below. 1. Mercury at superior conjunction 2. Saturn at an elongation of 130° 3. Earth at its greatest elongation 4. Saturn at greatest elongation 5. Earth at elongation of 15° 6. Jupiter at conjunction 7. Venus at inferior conjunction 8. Saturn at opposition 9. Jupiter at quadrature 10. Venus at quadrature Part II: Fill in the blank. 11. The greatest elongation of Venus is approximately _________. 12. The greatest elongation of Mars is approximately __________. 13. Which of the planets will always be visible near the sun? 14. Which of the planets will make retrograde loops visible in the night sky? 15. Which of the planets will orbit the sun in less time than Ceres?...
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exercise1.4a_Elongation - configuration with the problem...

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