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ASTRexam1studyguide - Exam 1 Study Sheet Your exam over the...

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Exam 1 Study Sheet Your exam over the Segment 1 material will be taken on a computer at the Arts and Sciences Testing Center. This is a proctored secure environment located in Burnett 127. You are required to have your student ID with you to take the exam. The exam will be closed-book and timed at 60 minutes. The exam will consist of sections directly focusing on worksheets and lecture tutorials completed in class and also multiple choice questions surveying important concepts from the preclass lectures. Many of these multiple choice questions will come from the practice quizzes. You are strongly encouraged to study: Module 1.1: o Understand the hierarchical structure of the universe (worksheet) Be able to categorize objects as being in the solar system, Milky Way Galaxy, or universe. o Understand special units and where they might be used; i.e. what would be the units on a typical distance to a nearby star? o
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