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Exam 4 Review Sheet_mjb

Exam 4 Review Sheet_mjb - Astronomy 103 Exam 4 Study...

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Astronomy 103 -- Exam 4 Study Sheet (boldface indicated a worksheet was assigned on this topic) Luminosity – L α R 2 T 4 o LT: Luminosity, Temperature, & Size Stellar Magnitudes (pistolis worksheet) – apparent, absolute, distance modulus, Magnitude Table worksheet, LT: Magnitudes Stellar Velocities – radial, tangential, space Spectral Classification – Estimate the surface temperature of a B4 star o Understand why absorption lines strengths are indicative of temperature HR Diagram (NAAP Lab) o Where are large/small stars on the HR Diagram, Massive Stars? What are the most common stars? Why are the bright stars in the sky bright? Binary Stars – understand importance for obtaining masses and the determined mass-luminosity relationship, significance of the center of mass o Different types of binaries: visual, astrometric, spectroscopic , spectrum, eclipsing o LT: Binary Stars Parallax o Trigonometric Parallax (Boat Worksheet), significance of baseline
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