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Astronomy 103 -- Exam 2 Study Sheet Terrestrial Coordinates o know significance of NP, SP, Eq, PM, IDL, important parallels of latitude o estimate locations -- where is long=80ºE, latitude = Tropic of Cancer? Celestial Equatorial Coordinates o know significance of NCP, SCP, CE, Polaris o compare RA, Dec to longitude, latitude o ‘east’ in astronomy is defined as . ... o describe the ecliptic and reason behind its shape o know coordinates and significance of solstices and equinoxes o describe the sun's path through the entire year (worksheet) o identify the lat. where the direct and least direct rays for certain dates/decs (worksheet) Horizon Coordinates (worksheet) o know definitions of azimuth and altitude and be able to estimate their value o know location of pole and celestial equator in the sky for a given latitude o calculate the MA given a latitude for . .. (worksheet) a star with given declination the sun on a particular date o draw the equinox and solstice paths of the sun for a given latitude (worksheet)
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