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Astronomy 103 -- Exam 3 Study Sheet (boldface indicates an in-class activity) EM Spectrum (worksheet) o Be able to state the 7 bands and the 7 colors of the visible band in order of increasing wavelength o Understand that frequency is proportional to energy and inversely proportional to wavelength o identify the Earth's "optical windows" o LT: Telescopes and the Earth's Atmosphere Telescopes/Optics o Principle of Reflection; Principle of Refraction (worksheet) o Powers of a Telescope: Light Gathering Power, Resolving Power, Magnification Atomic Structure o know the constituents of matter (worksheet) , nomenclature, properties, and location in atoms and the forces between particles o understand the permitted energy levels of the electron Spectra o understand the 3 types of spectra (LT: Types of Spectra) and their underlying physical
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Unformatted text preview: and geometrical causes o be able to state Kirchoff's Laws o continuous (blackbody) spectra-- melted nail Wien's Law Stefan-Boltzmann Law LT: Blackbody Radiation, NAAP Lab 3 o emission spectra make use of a hydrogen atom energy level diagram o LT: Light and Atoms (in class Wednesday) • Doppler Shift o LT: Doppler Shift • Characteristics of the Sun o general facts: composition, temperatures, comparison to other stars o know the 3 layers of the solar atmosphere and their characteristics o describe manifestations of solar activity: sunspots, prominences and flares • Solar Energy o understand the binding energy per nucleon diagram o understand how the proton-proton reaction works o mechanisms of thermal transport (worksheet) o hydrostatic equilibrium...
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