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Exam5ReviewSheet_mjb - Astronomy 103 Exam 5 Study...

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Unformatted text preview: Astronomy 103 -- Exam 5 Study Sheet (boldface indicates a worksheet, italics indicates a key topic ) • Understand the contributions of pivotal astronomers o Shapley – scale of Milky Way o Hubble – distances to other galaxies (“island universes”), expansion of the universe o Determining distances using pulsating variable stars (worksheet) o What objects are used to determine distances and why are they good standard candles ( NAAP Lab – Cosmic Distance Ladder ) • Geometry and Scale of Milky Way – disk, halo, nuclear bulge, diameter, distance to center o LT: Milky Way Scales o Milky Way Worksheet • Characteristics of disk and halo o metallicity (population I vs. population II) – implications related to age o know the properties globular and open clusters o understand how populations stem from the formation of the Milky Way o orbits of stars o Importance of Spiral Arms in star formation o Implications of Rotational Velocity Curves – dark matter in outskirts, black hole at center...
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