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Film Production Resources Outside reading. .. Terence St. John Marner. Directing Motion Pictures. London: Tantivy Press. 1972. Paula Parisi. Titanic and the Making of James Cameron . New York: Newmarket Press. 1997. John Quick and Tom LaBau. Handbook of Film Production . New York: Macmillan. 1972. Bob Thomas, editor. Directors in Action . New York: The Bobbs Merrill Company, Inc. 1973. Internet. .. Drew's Script-O-Rama . One of the most complete film script archive on the Internet. Film production is a three step process: (1) PreProduction (Developing the script), (2) Production (Shooting the script) and (3) PostProduction (Editing the film and adding the sound tracks). 1. How does the format of a screen play differ from that of a stage play? A screen play is a cross between a novel and a play. It contains. ... 1. A description of the scene ( INT. EXT. ), time of day ( NIGHT, DAY ) and action , 2. A description of the composition ( LONG SHOT, CLOSE-UP, POV ), 3. The dialogue spoken by the characters, and 4. An indication of how the scenes are joined ( DISSOLVE, FADE OUT ). Link to an exerpt (Scene 11) from Lawrence Kasdan's 1979 screen play for Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). The script is based on a "story" developed by producer George Lucas and Philip Kaufman. Following the cutting from the script is the same scene as it appeared in Campbell Black's 1981 tie-in book. 2. Who owns the rights to a screen play, the writer or the producer/studio? The studio or production company. 3. Briefly outline how a screen play may evolve from an idea to a shooting script. A film script usually evolves in a three step process. (1) The writer begins with an idea or concept. It is (2) fleshed out in an adaption (or story), a narrative describing how the concept will be adapted to the screen. The final step is (3) the actual development of the screen play or shooting script. Each step my be developed by a different writer. 4. Why are many films based on adaption of well known plays or novels?
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Film production is an extremely expensive operation. Most producers would prefer investing their money in a property with a proven track record : a book : The Client (1994), Clear and Present Danger (1994), Gone with the Wind (1939) -- a play : A Few Good Men (1992), Inherit the Wind (1960) -- a television series : Maverick (1994), The Fugitive (1993) -- the remake of a movie : King Kong (2005), Manchurian Candidate (2004), The Flight of the Pheonix (2004) -- for example. All films are linked to their Internet Movie Database entry. 5. Why are few screen plays published? Most publishers do not believe the general public can read and understand a film script . Crown Publishers in New York have printed two collections, edited by Sam Thomas, of the Best American ScreenPlays . Some scripts are also available on the Web. Drew's Script-O-Rama is probably the most complete archive on the Internet. 6. What is a tie-in book?
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Film Production - Film Production Resources Outside...

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