Global Theatr1 - Global Theatre 1945 to 2000 African...

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Global Theatre: 1945 to 2000 African American Theatre Text. .. Wilson and Goldfarb. Theater: The Lively Art , 7th edition: Chapter 16, pages 380 - 382. Plays. .. Imamu Amiri Baraka. The Dutchman , Slave Ship Lorraine Hansberry. Raisin in the Sun 1. Define African-American (or Black) Theatre. Black actors performing material written by black playwrights for a primarily black audience. 2. What is the importance of the African Grove Theatre? It is considered the first formal black theatre in America. Organized in Lower Manhattan by William Brown (manager) and James Hewlett (leading actor) during the 1820-21 season, the company performed a primarily Shakespearean repertory in a small 300 seat house. On this stage Hewlett became the first black actor to perform the title role in Shakespeare's Othello ; Ira Aldridge (1806-1867), America's first major black Shakespearean actor, made his debut; and King Shotaway (1823) by manager William Brown, believed to be the first play written and performed by an African-American, was presented. The company became so popular that management "graciously made a partition at the back of the house for the accommodation of the whites." The theatre was closed in 1827 after several white rowdies "out for a lark brought disorder and wanton mischief." 3. What options did black actors have during the 19th century? After the close of the African Grove Theatre, black performers had only three options. 1. They could give up their profession and perform only with amateur groups, 2. They could play the servant roles ("darkies") in white acting companies, or 3. They could travel to Europe and perform the classic repertory with the major European acting companies. 4. What black characters existed in western drama? In medieval Christmas pageants, an African figure was often cast as one of the three wise men who came to worship the infant Jesus. During the
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English Renaissance, in plays like Shakespeare's Othello and Titus Andronicus
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Global Theatr1 - Global Theatre 1945 to 2000 African...

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