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Playwriting: The Process Resources Internet. .. The Playwriting Seminars -- online course in dramatic writing E-script, the internet's scriptwriting workshop 17 Surefire Ways to get Your Script Rejected Who owns the rights? Copyright, the law and licensing the show The U.S. Copyright Office 1. Where does a playwright get his ideas? From his own personal experiences , from a news story, from history . 2. What is a scenario? A plot outline . It is used by the playwright to develop the plays internal structure. 3. When in the writing process is the dialogue developed? Writing the dialogue is one of the last steps in the script development process. 4. What type of shows are normally written on spec? Broadway at Night Most Broadway and off-Broadway scripts. A few screenplays, such as Joe Eszterhas' Basic Instinct (1992), which was bought by TriStar for three million dollars, are also written on spec. On order? A Television Studio Almost all television scripts, many movies , and often the book, or dialogue, for a musicals. 5. How does a playwright "sell" his script?
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Most playwrights market their work through an agency . Some send their work directly to a regional or educational theatre. Scripts sent to a Broadway producer, or a film studio, will normally be returned unopened and unread. Because of the difficulty in getting a script mounted, some playwrights will produce their own work . They will rent a small theatre, put a couple small ads in the paper
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Playwriting - Playwriting The Process Resources Internet...

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