Theatre and the Internet

Theatre and the Internet - Theatre and the Internet...

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Theatre and the Internet Resources Internet. .. McCoy's Brief Guide to InterNet Resources in Theatre and Performance Studies Ten C's For Evaluating Internet Sources The Internet , a world wide network of computers , has become a major source of information for both the theatre professional (playwright, director, actor, designer) and the potential theatre audience. 1. What is the difference between the World Wide Web (WWW). .. The World Wide Web is a HyperText information retrieval system . Web Pages are published on servers (computers) which can be accessed by a browser (such as FireFox or Internet Explorer ) from anywhere in the world. In the entertainment industry, most web pages are published either by the advertising department of the producing organization (an official page) or by a fan who is in love with the show or with one of the stars (a fan page). Some designers have used web pages to create a production bulletin board . Discussion Groups, and an. .. Disscussion Groups , originally called Usenet News Groups , are organized around specific topics. Posting to these groups (also known as Forums ) can be read with a NewsReader if your internet service provider (ISP) provides a news feed, or through , a Web based service which can retrieve articles posted to the more than 40,000 Usenet news groups. There are four groups under the classification. 1. - Dramaturgy and discussion of plays. 2. - Musical theatre around the world. 3. - Issues in stagecraft and production. 4. - Miscellaneous topics and issues in theatre. Unlike the World Wide Web, Discussion Groups and E-mail lists are text only services. You can ask questions, make comments, but you can not post pictures or drawings. Unfortunately, there is a large amount of "spam" on the discussion groups often making it difficult to find anything that might be useful. E-mail list?
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Theatre and the Internet - Theatre and the Internet...

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