Theatre from Restoration through Romanticism

Theatre from Restoration through Romanticism - Theatre from...

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Theatre from Restoration through Romanticism Restoration and 18th Century Resources Text. .. Wilson and Goldfarb. Theatre: The Lively Art , 7th edition: Chapter 14, pages 308 - 323. Plays. .. Restoration. .. William Congreve. The Way of the World John Dryden. All For Love 18th Century. .. John Gay. The Beggar's Opera Richard Sheridan. School for Scandal Internet Drottningholm Theatre Theatre from 1660 to 1875 Restoration: 1660 to 1700 | 18th Century | 19th Century Restoration: 1660 to 1700 1. When was the English Restoration? From 1660 to 1700. To whom was the English crown restored? Charles II (reign :1660 to 1685 ) 2. What are the characteristics of a Restoration Comedy of Manners? Restoration (and 18th century) comedy ridiculed human failings-- breaches of a "sophisticated code of manners" established by the courtiers of Charles II. They assumed (but never stated) an ideal mode of life which they expected the audience to accept. The Ideal Gentleman was well born, dressed well, was poised and witty, skilled in love making, was able to conduct several affairs simultaneously, never boasted of his affairs, was always discreet, and never fell in love (or showed true compassion). If he was married, he could not be jealous if his wife took a lover. The Fashionable Young Lady was familiar with the world of intrigue, but did not become involved in it. If she was a widow (or married to an older man) she could take
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a lover, as long as she was not found out. If she was married, she should not expect constancy in her husband. 3. What title do many consider the best example of an English Comedy of Manners? William Congreve's (1670-1729) The Way of the World (1700). Read the play snyopsis on page 413 in the Appendix. 4. What type of dramas did John Dryden write? Dryden (1631-1700) is primarily remembered for his Neo-Classic tragedies. 5. What is the title of his most important play? All For Love , or A World Well Lost (1677) 6. On what earlier work is it based? William Shakespeare's Anthony and Cleopatra . What changes did he make?
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Theatre from Restoration through Romanticism - Theatre from...

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