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Cause and Effect - Williams 1 Darryl Williams C Liegh...

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Williams 1 Darryl Williams C. Liegh McInnis ENG 105-06 7 April 2010 America's Drug Problem Despite popular belief, drugs have been around since ancient times and they were used in almost the same ways and for the same reasons. A drug can simply be described as any chemical substance used to enhance physical or psychological characteristics. A negative connotation is associated with the word “drug,” because when people hear it they mostly think of the drugs that people use for recreational purposes instead of medical reasons. Drugs are surrounded by negative connotations, because of their terrible effects on society, such as ill health and organized crime. If one wants to solve America's drug problem they must first find out what causes these problems in the first place. The main three causes of America's drug problem are its availability, its glamorization by the media, and corrupt government officials. Knowing about these causes and finding their separate solutions will help rid this country of most of its drug problems and probably some of its other problems as well. Presently, and in the past, illegal drugs have been way too attainable for the common citizen. At this time, marijuana and alcohol are the most available drugs on the streets. Alcohol may be a legal drug in the United States, but the problem is that it is too effortless for minors to acquire the substance. For example, most minors that want to enjoy the pleasures of alcohol simply steal it from their parents, or they find an older friend that will buy it for them. Some minors still use fake IDs to purchase liquor. Marijuana seems like it should be more difficult to attain than alcohol, because it is completely illegal,
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Cause and Effect - Williams 1 Darryl Williams C Liegh...

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