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Booker T. Washington - Darryl Wiliams C. Liegh McInnis ENG...

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Darryl Wiliams C. Liegh McInnis ENG 105-06 22 February 2010 Critical Analysis of Up from Slavery Slavery is one of those subjects that one wants to forget, because it usually reminds people how inhumane humans can actually be. Consequently, while one is trying to forget slavery’s horrible past, they also forget the many great people who overcame its oppressive tendencies and rose to seats of successfulness. One of the most recognizable people who accomplish this great feat is Booker T. Washington. Washington’s strong will to become more than just an uneducated ex-slave is simply astounding as he tells his story in his autobiography, Up from Slavery . Washington explains the major and most memorable moments in his life with intruiging detail. Through his book, he expresses how eager he is to educate himself and also teach others to do the same. Booker T. Washington, in Up from Slavery, conveys the story of his life while explaining the importance of education, determination, and equality. Education, determination, and equality are choice foundations to build a successful life. Education molds a person intelectually; determination is needed to achieve seemingly unattainable goals; and the belief that everyone is equal strengthens one’s morals while opening doors of opportunity. Booker T. Washington values education above all things, and he uses that as an underlying theme throughout his autobiography. Washington’s thirst for knowledge derives from the lack of education, which he was not allowed to have as a slave. When he finally becomes a free citizen of the United States, the first thing he wants to do is attend school. Washington
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Booker T. Washington - Darryl Wiliams C. Liegh McInnis ENG...

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