Darrly Williams' Draft of Midterm Paper

Darrly Williams' Draft of Midterm Paper - Darryl Williams...

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Darryl Williams C. Leigh McInnis ENG 105-06 10 March 2010 Much Needed Entrepreneurship People say that “Money makes the world go round,” and although this is not technically true, this statement does hold some relevance. Money is not as easy a commodity to obtain as one wishes it to be. Money does not grow on trees, magically fall from the sky, or just appear from nowhere. Money is earned through hard work, but it is not the only thing that comes from toiling. Some people work not only for the money, but to serve their community as well. Some people work their whole lives just to make sure that later generations will have a foundation on which to build their hopes and dreams. These people who work by taking advantage of certain conveniences and opportunities in life are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are the kind of people that chase opportunities and create lucrative situations from those opportunities. Society needs to cherish entrepreneurs because they are responsible for creating jobs, new ideas, and being the leaders who create, maintain, and inspire the entrepreneur spirit. The creation of new jobs, new ways to earn money and the celebration of the entrepreneur spirit are all beneficial to society. Understanding how and why entrepreneurs do these things will lead the economy from its current recession and create a new age of prosperity that will lead to better education, productivity, and national protection. Entrepreneurs are known for starting new businesses, which in turn open new occupational positions in the community. One of the most important benefits of having many new jobs on the market is the increase in consumer income. People who may be unemployed now have a better opportunity to become part of the working force. These same people, once their paychecks start arriving, are now capable of buying goods that they previously could not afford. The more goods consumers buy the more money that is being circulated through the economy. The increased circulation of money in the economy equals an improvement in the economy itself. With the extra amount of money entering the household, people can now have a more comfortable lifestyle. They can now afford to live in better neighborhoods and send their children to better schools. Better schools mean a better education, which also correlates to the declination of crime, because “Most persons are released from prisons into the community unskilled, undereducated, and highly likely to be involved in crime again.” (Karpowitz and Kenner 2) This means that people are less likely to commit crimes, especially the same one multiple times, if they are properly educated.These newly employed citizens will also have the chance to decrease theit debt or even prevent themselves from falling into debt in the first place. As a result, people are less likely to apply for large loans that they can not afford to repay, and all
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Darrly Williams' Draft of Midterm Paper - Darryl Williams...

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